About the most common group of products would like to talk more. After all, there are many nuances - especially in construction - which should be borne in mind parents when choosing a crib.

Guard rail beds


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Construction of this part from different manufacturers is somewhat different. Rim can be solid or the rack. The advantage of skirting lath is that they do not interfere with the parents and child to have constant visual contact. And when the baby starts to get up on its feet, the bars will serve him good support. Solid skirting can protect the baby from drafts, but parents have a lot of time to approach the bed to see inside.

Front rim

During the day my mom have a lot of time to lean to the baby, pulling his or adjusting something in the crib. Each slope is given more and more difficult. To keep power parents, designers have come up with dipping 20-30 cm front rim. Set in a side upper and lower positions by means of reliable terminals, through which adults can for a few seconds to change the location of the front wall. The child is to cope with this task can not. The front rim can be completely removed when the baby gets older and starts to go to sleep alone, and wake up in the morning. If the removable rim, the child will have to climb over it. And it is fraught with various unpleasant consequences.

peapod plus travel bed


Removable rim rail

The baby did not climb high, leaving out of the crib or entering into it, the developers have come up with another interesting feature - a removable rack. That is, a side pulled out from two to three twig - and ready to pass. It can be said that there "are killed at once two hares": bed and does not lose its protective properties, and the kid gets a free rein.


The design of this part of the crib from different manufacturers may differ. The floor is made of solid or travel along rails. And the bottom of the rack and pinion seems preferable, as it allows the bed to "breathe" and prevents the appearance of mold on the mattress after the "night of accidents."

The height of the bottom


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For convenience, childcare, there is another possibility: change the height of the bottom. First, it can be set at the highest level. After all, the kid activity in the first few months after birth is low, and he will not be able to get out of the crib. And the parents at the same time do not have to be folded in half, each time bending to him through a side. Later, when the baby starts to sit down and get up on legs, the bottom will have dropped. Experts recommend that the bottom of the crib had at least two or three levels of height.

swing function

It happens that a child is difficult to sleep, and it should be rocking. This event provided many manufacturers of children's furniture. Now cots are increasingly available on the market with curved runners that make it possible to swing. But after a while runners must be removed so the grown child is not swayed by yourself.

Storage tray

Under the cot should be compartments for storing clothing, bed linen or toys. When the child grows up, he will likely want to hide any more your thing. The number of installed boxes can range from one to four. But very often there is a big box under the bed.


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